How do I introduce a raw food diet to a shiba inu used to dry dog food?

How do I introduce a raw food diet to a shiba inu used to dry dog food?

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How do I introduce a raw food diet to a shiba inu used to dry dog food?

I have an 8 month old shiba inu pup, im looking at info on raw foods and have stumbled across this by accident really. It sounds appealing since my dog tends to have bouts of diarrhea now and again and since dry food has all-sorts in it I would like to know what my pup is getting, nutrition being a main concern, he does have hyperactivity and we have looked at changing his food numerous times for him to suffer with terrible diarrhea for days which isn’t nice for him and his little tummy. I would like someone to tell me what I should be feeding him daily exactly, amounts etc and when changing am I to introduce it slowly with his dry food?

Raw food diets can be dangerous and expensive. That said, make sure you do your homework.

Since your Shiba is on dry food, I’d look into Blue Buffalo’s Wildernss line. No fillers, no dyes, no grains, no artificial preservatives. It is an awesome food and an awesome company. I swear by it.

I also have a Shiba Inu who LOVES the raw food diet. I introduced her slowly, starting out with chicken necks (because those have no bones). They tend to be hard to find because either fishermen get them, or butchers throw them away because no one uses them.

I would recommend dry dog food, and the raw diet as well. There are great dog food brands, such as Orijin, Acana, The Call Of The Wild. But those are the only ones I would recommend. It’s good to do dog food with the raw diet because both of those allow more nutrients.

I would feed him about a cup of dog food in the morning, either ACANA, or CALL OF THE WILD. Then chicken necks and other raw dog foods. There are lots of websites you can read about what’s best in the raw diet.

Sorry but I am totally against the other two answers.

Raw food is not dangerous or expensive to Balderdash

and you should never feed raw and complete as an ongoing diet as Jess suggests as it puts a strain on internal organs. I’ll post a bit about that for you.

The best way to introduce is to wean over, although some advice would also be to just stop the kibble, rest the stomach for a day and then go straight onto the raw. Gradual is better I think, only because there is less risk of the runs.

Stick to one protein source for a week and see how he does, chicken being the best one, and if ok then gradually introduce another couple such as rabbit or lamb, and then building up to as mixed a diet as possible, including raw eggs and fish. Leave the offal for a couple of weeks at least as this is the most likely to cause the runs. Also the beef leave until last.

You are looking to feed approx 15% of bodyweight per week, but they all vary depending on age, metablism and exercise. Just go by the dogs body shape to balance it out.

Please email me if you wanted any other info or sites to go to. Join the yahoo raw feeders forum and just ask whatever questions you want.

Once you get onto it then I am sure you will not look back. I rarely hear of anyone who changes from raw to kibble. The only ones usually can’t be bothered to source the food.

Please read this below regarding the feeding raw and complete.

Several people have recently asked why it is best not to feed a mixer with raw or a complete as a 2nd meal. Briefly, it goes back to the difference in pH the they create, a carnivores digestive physiology is suited to an acidic environment, not the more neutral environment that is created by dry food. A dogs digestion should begin in the stomach.

It is Pepsin which is responsible for starting the digestion of protein in the stomach. Pepsin is pH dependant and does not become activated until the pH drops below 4. Complete dry diets alter the stomachs environment which directly affects the action of Pepsin.

As the environment of the stomach becomes more neutral pepsin becomes denatured and its ability to digest raw food is reduced.

A dry diet shifts the start of digestion to the small intestine rather than the stomach this places a burden on the pancreas to work harder in producing enzymes. This is why so many dogs fed dry diets end up being fed supplementary enzymes.

Dry diets introduce insoluable fibre into the dogs system. The fibre binds bile which prevents reabsorption of the bile.

When bile is lost from the system the liver must work harder to increase its rate of production in order to maintain a pool of bile. Under normal phisilogical conditions 95% of the bile would be recycled.

Most people start with raw chicken, either a whole, half or quarter, whatever’s on sale. 2-3% of the dog’s bodyweight per day. Most people feed once a day, usually around our dinner time, although you can divide it up into 2 meals if you like.

Never mix commercial food and raw. You will create digestive problems. Just go ahead and make the change, just make sure you stick with the one source (chicken) for at least a couple of weeks before transitioning into another protein source, like beef, organ meats, pork, lamb, whatever. . .

Dog food creates an alkaline state in the dog’s digestive tract, raw puts it into an acid state, which is what dogs should be.

For more info. check out the files/research section at the Yahoo Group Raw Meaty Bones. Lots of good advice and support from friendly members too.

If your looking for what to feed your dogs exactly I would look at the dog food labels. They spend alot of time effort and research into providing the best nutrition for each type of dogs age, size etc. You don’t start a dog food company unless you love dogs, and you don’t stay in business unless you research and upgrade (non cheapo products I mean)

While it is sometimes, funny and cute to think that our pets are experiencing the same emotions and thoughts as we do, it is just dangerous to assume they might want to eat what we do as well

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