Product Information Page

Product Information Page

Got Questions?

What is the Total Wellness Package?
The Total wellness Package includes ALL THREE individual wellness plans, our online newsletter, monthly webinars, AND the wellness web resource tool! Save more than 20% per employee with the most comprehensive web-based wellness resource on the web!

What is “Wellness-On-Demand”?
Unlike other wellness providers who charge you a set fee for your entire population, we only charge you for those employees who are registered or currently participating in your wellness program. Let’s say you have 500 employees, and there are 190 participating, you only pay for those 190!

Of course our job is to get as many people involved as possible. The more employees you have participating, the greater potential for healthcare savings in the long-run! But in the mean-while, you only pay for those employees are ready to change their lifestyle habits now!

Why do we charge a set-up fee?
The one time set-up fee covers the cost of the preparation of your communications materials, company logo branding and the administration of your database.

What is included in each of the wellness plans?
Your specific wellness plan features depends on the plan you purchase. Every plan includes promotional emails, flyers, and brochures. In addition, you will have access to sample senior management introductions, surveys, and other necessary tools to get the word out about your program. See our wellness plan features below.

How long does it take to start the services after I signup?
Depending on the service you purchase, you will be taken through a brief assessment process and as soon as you submit your information, your wellness product will be available in less than 30 days, usually at the start of the following month.

How do I cancel the service?
We can’t imagine you would do such a thing, but simply send a cancel request to us. Your cancellation will take effect the beginning of following month.

What kinds of payment method do we accept?
We use Pay Pal to accept ALL MAJOR credit cards because of its convenience, ease-of-use and security. Pay Pal acts like an “online wallet,” giving you more than one option for paying for your purchase – credit cards, bank accounts, or stored PayPal account balances. You have the convenience of having one central site to store your account information.

As a small business ourselves, we know how charges here and there can add up. Because you don’t get charged any extra fees on your purchase, Pay Pal gives you an affordable, flexible way for you to make payments online.

In addition, PayPal employs the most advanced fraud detection techniques and tools in the industry. It’s also the only online payment service that offers a Seller Protection Program with 100% protection from chargebacks on qualified transactions.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?
No. There are no long term contracts or commitments on your part. You simply pay month-to-month for those employees who are actually taking steps to improve their health and well-being.

What else do I need know?
For more information on any our small business wellness programs or services, Contact Us today and find out we can help.

Wellness Plan Feature Highlights

  • Reporting Features – Our success is a result of delivering our services around an online wellness platform which both manages and measures the results of your wellness initiatives. You will have immediate access to our tools and reporting which include the ability to measure the number of people using the program, organizationally who is at risk and what areas require additional investment, trending of organizational health risk over time and quantifiable reporting of program success including tracking of Weight, Exercise, Diet, Health Screening, Walking campaigns and much more!
  • Customization - WelCo Health Solutions private labeled nutrition and exercise programs provide value-driven benefits for your members or employees. Our private labeled services are tailored to match your corporate identity and to reflect your small biz logos, colors and attitude.
  • Incentive Program - includes an integrated and flexible Incentive Campaign program. Incentive Campaigns allow you to decide which healthy behaviors to encourage within a specific time period, and to reward those who participate in these activities. Our best-practice Incentive Campaigns are easily tailored to meet the specific needs of your wellness program. Literally any activity may be added to the list of activities that you are encouraging and wish to reward!
  • Number of Locations – Whether your employees are located in London, locally here in Dallas, or Small-town, USA, we can develop a wellness program for ALL of them in ALL THREE locations!

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Give your employees reliable information that can raise health awareness, encourage self-care and motivate behavior change. Now you CAN control healthcare costs for you and your employees with practical and affordable wellness tools and strategies that will ultimately help them create a lifetime of healthy habits. For more information on any our small business wellness programs or services, Contact Us today and find out we can help.