When will American’s realize that eating garbage food all the time causes health problems?

When will American’s realize that eating garbage food all the time causes health problems?

When will American’s realize that eating garbage food all the time causes health problems?

McDonalds, Wendys, Burger King, Taco Bell, and the thousands of other fast food or junk food places are killing America. Even the Chinese who have always been small and petite are getting heavy and are seeing more cases of diabetes since these and more restaurants have opened overseas.

America’s health care system is broke, its america’s lack of knowledge about their own health and nutrition that is broke.

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People do not have the mind to comprehend that what they put in their bodies affects them. They think it’s eaten, digested, and excreted, done. That’s not how it works. People need to realize that fast food is ok every so often, but if you eat a mocha frappe and 2 glazed donuts from Dunkin’ on your way to work, you aren’t gonna live as long as you hoped.

The human race is a miracle and a sad excuse for a species.

Not everyone can afford to eat healthy foods on a regular basis. Sometimes, fast food is peoples only option.

I’m sure everyone knows the health risks and about how the health care system here sucks.

And I can totally agree with your statement because I live in Holland and since a few years we get all those terrible food places here too

You can see that the youngsters are getting way to fat already.

The problem is far reaching and when it all is said and done, the PROFIT motive is the bad guy here. All you have to do is follow the money to see why this is all happening. Many examples can be given, but just taking the health of a cow is a good one. If you feed a cow grass that is his natural diet, he becomes very healthy and lives out his normal life span. If you feed a cow grain, the high sugar content in the grain causes the cow to have bad bacteria that makes them sick and live about 1/4 as long. Dairy cows fall into this category and you get bad milk that has to be pasteurized to kill all the bacteria formed and then you get sick milk that are fed to people that make them sick. But the milk can be made cheaper. Then the dead dairy cows are shipped off to McDonalds and other fast food companies to make their hamburgers. Yummy.

The health abuse law that was just passed is not about your health. It is a way for money to be extracted from people, filtered through drug companies and then end up in politicians hands to keep them voting on legislation that favors the drug companies. End of Story.

It’s all in how people are taught when growing up. I came from a very poor family where there were few extra ‘treats’, if any & most foods were grown & cooked from ‘scratch’. There were no frozen ‘convenience’ foods, no snacks, no such thing as ‘fast food’.

Nothing worse than getting out on a Sunday morning & wring a chicken’s neck, then stick it in scalding hot water to soak the feathers to be plucked, then gutted, cut & fried for Sunday dinner. Green beans cooked from the garden, home made biscuits made from scratch. home grown tomatoes. And those were the good ole days?

I always enjoy reading questions when the Asker lumps everyone (Americans) into subject they are discussing.

I can’t remember the last time I went to a fast food joint. Typically I purchase & prepare my own food. So, next try not lumping everyone into your declaration. Because as written, if you are an American. . . you too must be eating garbage food all the time.

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