fitness health with an xxtra edge

fitness health with an xxtra edge

fitness health

Our "fitness health products" state-of-the-art formulas contain antioxidants to fight free radical damage that is generated from your strenuous exercises, intense training, or competitions.

Scientists have long proposed that free radicals are one of the elements that age us. Sun exposure, environmental toxins and wastes, and excessive stress can pose a threat to the health and youth of our bodies.

The stress from your workout can induce free radical damage, so we have formulated the perfect, targeted blend of antioxidants to fight such damage.

Exercise to better your health, targeted antioxidants to maintain your youthful cells . . . that''s the extra edge to our anti-aging fitness products -- Xxtra Fitness Nutritional.

Xxtra Fitness Nutritionals
the next generation of fitness supplements

By combining the latest advances in science and sports nutrition, Xxtra Fitness Nutritional provide a full line of high-quality, great-tasting, effective products to help you tone your physique and elevate your performance.

Whether you desire a more active lifestyle or to reach your peak athletic performance, Xxtra Fitness Nutritional provide four essential elements required of a healthy fitness regimen: Energy, Hydration, Strength, and Recovery click on picture for more details

Power Generation™ Pre-Workout Energy Boost

These capsules provide potent nutrients that help you unleash energy and mental focus so you can accomplish more. Formulated with ingredients that promote optimum physical energy and mental focus, Power Generation features four proprietary blends of herbs, amino acids, and other nutrients. This supplement prepares your body for powerful training and helps support mental focus.

LowOz™ Rapid Electrolyte Replenishment

Ever get thirsty while working out? LowOz drink mix features exclusive Rapid Replenishment technology that effectively delivers a blend of essential electrolytes, energy-efficient nutrients, and antioxidants. Our secret? The science behind LowOz allows the ingredients essential to combating dehydration to be quickly and efficiently absorbed by your body.

QuadPlex™Advanced Protein Technology

Support your lean muscle mass with 28 grams of powerful, highly absorb able, efficiently metabolized proteins. This delicious, nutrient-rich shake provides amino acids to muscles after a workout to maintain a positive protein balance for the building-up support you need. In addition, QuadPlex provides 50 percent of Daily Values for 14 key vitamins and minerals.

MyoCap™ Post-Workout Recovery Blend

MyoCap contains an exclusive blend of nutrients that promote recovery after training and exercise and help support the recuperative process. Designed to be taken after exercise, this special formula provides the nutrients needed to help your body recover. MyoCap helps release energy for cellular regeneration and provides antioxidants to fight against the free radicals that result from -------------------------- workouts.

Herbal Voltage®

Invigorate and revive yourself with this delicious drink mix, which contains herbs and ingredients that energize both body and mind.*