How to Train Yourself to Eat Less

How to Train Yourself to Eat Less

Like most unpleasant habits, overeating can quickly get beyond control. It becomes automatic to reach for a second serving, even if you’re no longer hungry after completing the 1st helping. To lose weight and keep it off, it’s necessary to train yourself to consume less. But how does one do that without feeling deprived?

Here are 3 good steps for training yourself to eat less, painlessly:

First, train yourself to take smaller portions.

That’s where many of us go wrong from the start , by utilizing an enormous dinner plate and filling each bit of available space with food. That’s a sure recipe for overeating if there ever was one. Rather than employing a giant dinner plate, use a smaller dessert plate. Take only 1 small serving of each food you propose to eat. You can take larger servings of lowcal foods like salad and vegetables – utilize a separate plate for those when necessary.

Next, train yourself to eat slowly.

Gulping down your food too swiftly is another sure way to eat more than your body actually needs. When you slow down and enjoy each bite, you feel pleased with less food. Be certain to chew each bite entirely and pause for one or two seconds before you take another bite. Doing this thru your complete meal will absolutely inspire you to eat far less than you usually would.

Eventually, be completely certain to leave the table after eating one serving.

If you keep reclining at the table with serving dishes right in front of you, you are far more likely to keep going back for seconds. If you’re worried that you can’t leave the table till your dining companions have finished, that’s where eating slowly may be useful as well! They can eat 2-3 servings in the time it takes for you to eat one, so you shouldn’t be remaining at the table for much longer than it takes to eat your one helping of food.

The last beneficial tip to teach yourself to eat less: if you do feel hungry even when using the above techniques, drink a full glass of water before and after each meal. That should help reduce any pangs of hunger until your gut gets used to being satisfied with less food.

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