Soothing the Symptoms and Slowing the Progression of Cancer With Home Remedies

Soothing the Symptoms and Slowing the Progression of Cancer With Home Remedies

Many cancer patients have discovered that they may successfully soothe the symptoms and slow the progression of their disease with home remedies. Surprisingly, individuals that have not been diagnosed with cancer may use the same home remedies as a prevention measure. Many people do not realize it, but each and every single individual has cancer cells in one location or another in their body.

Most of the time, these cells die off and are quickly replaced by healthy cells. However, there are many cells that do not die off. They simply experience a type of mutation and quickly multiply into the billions. It is then that they are easily identified through diagnostic tools. Here, you will learn some home remedies that will help with your cancer.

Avoid Sugar

If you are attempting to prevent cancer or you are trying to soothe the symptoms, or even slow the progression of cancer down, it is important to ensure that you avoid sugar. Sugar seems to “fuel the fire” when it comes to abnormal cells that are mutating within the body. This sweet substance is actually very sour when it comes to the health. It is literally a type of source of food for cancer cells.

If you decrease the amount of sugar that you ingest, you will succeed in slowing the progression of the cancer that you are suffering from. Many believe that if they convert to artificial sweeteners that they will succeed, but this is not true. Artificial sweeteners contain a substance that is referred to as “Aspartame” and that, too, seems to “feed” cancer cells. Veer Clear of Acids

Did you know that cancerous cells benefit and actually multiple in environments that contain a lot of acid? It is true! You should avoid foods and beverages that contain high levels of acids. It is also important to understand that many different types of meats have large levels of acid contained in them.

This is mostly in meats because as the animals are grown for meat processing, they are given many different types of antibiotics, hormones that promote growth, and consume natural foods that contain herbicides, pesticides, and even potentially dangerous parasites. If you have cancer, it is better to consume soy meats instead of standard meats. It is also important to ensure that you avoid food and beverage items that have high levels of acid in them.

Mental and Physical Exercise

Many cancer patients may not realize it, but mental and physical exercises are two of the best natural remedies when it comes to soothing the symptoms of cancer and slowing the progression of the disease. Boosting mental power by reading, putting puzzles together, socializing, learning new hobbies, and keeping a positive mental outlook. Physical exercise is also important for strengthening the body.