Vitamin Code RAW Kombucha - How Stable Are Your Bones?

Vitamin Code RAW Kombucha - How Stable Are Your Bones?

One of the long-held health secrets of the Far East now makes its way to the west and has quickly become a roaring success. Kombucha is drink derived from fermented tea that supplies a wealth of health benefits for people looking to experience an all-natural and highly effective nutritional beverage. Vitamin Code RAW Kombucha Supplements offers a wide array of health benefits in vegan-friendly beverage.

This powerful blend of organic and natural tea serves up a powerful B Vitamin Complex that gives the body a rush of natural energy and speeds up the metabolism. Mixed and brewed from a strong and rich black tea, Kombucha provides a source of antioxidants. A unique blend like Vitamin Code RAW Kombucha has never before been available in the West. Combined with powerful probiotics to offer a helpful, natural boost to the body's digestive capabilities, Vitamin Code RAW is able to provide enzyme and other digestive components important to overall digestive health. Additionally, Kombucha has a potent reserve of microflora, designed to enhance the immune system and protect the body.

Kombucha naturally has microflora and immune system building nutrients and minerals designed to help protect the body and promote an overall. With natural, living probiotics designed to boost the body's natural digestive tract and combined with enzymes make the entire digestive process more efficient and gentle on the body.

In just the past couple of decades the nutritional value of our food has decreased nearly 25 to 50 percent. This kind of extreme reduction of our food supply's nutritional value is quite disturbing and is to be blamed directly on our farming methods. To optimize our food output the use of herbicides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers has become more of a common practice with each passing year and is directly to be blamed for the loss of nutrition in our food. Add Garden of Life Kombucha.

The problem doesn't end on the farm though. From the moment our foods leave the farm they start a trip that will lower their natural nutritional value even further. To provide the utmost convenience and safety to the average buyer most foods will go through processes such as irradiation, chemical preservation and heating. While this process may seem beneficial to the storing and shipping process it drastically reduces the healthy benefits of consuming the food in the first place!

Most people don't know that even simple things such as heating and cooking the foods you consume can destroy their nutritional value. The RAW system is capable of providing your body with the most nutrition from food by keeping the food in its natural form, free from change or chemical interference. This way your body gets the most natural and healthy form of food intake as nature intended. Get Vitamin Code RAW Kombucha Vitamins.